About Us

We promote, support and advocate for the interests of parents and families who have chosen, or would like to choose, a Catholic education for their children.

As an autonomous, parent-led organisation, we work in many different settings to make sure the ‘parent voice’ is heard and helps to change things for the better.

Our vison, mission, values and strategic intentions guide our daily work and decisions.

Our Values

  • Choice
  • Quality
  • Equity
  • Voice

Our Vision

To be an independent, influential voice committed to achieving quality and equity in educational opportunities and outcomes for students in Catholic schools.

Our Mission

We exert influence in pursuit of better education policy and practice, develop and share resources, and strengthen the capacity of parents and teachers to partner in children’s learning and schooling.

Strategic Intentions

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What do we do?

We are a voice for parents and caregivers and a source of information and support.

We advocate for affordability so that families can choose a Catholic education (equity and choice), the right of all children to receive an excellent education so they can achieve their potential (quality and equity), and the right of parents and caregivers to be supported in their role and to contribute to education policy and practice (voice and quality).

How do we do this?


  • Advocate for government funding (federal and state) to ensure all children can receive an excellent education, and a fair share of these public funds for Catholic school students. 
  • Consult with parents about education and other important matters and represent their views in decision-making and advisory forums.
  • We contribute to the work of the Australian Parents Council to ensure South Australian parent voices are clearly heard at the national level.
  • We communicate and come together with parent groups and parents in SA Catholic schools to both give and gain encouragement, support and energy.
  • Share information, resources and research to encourage and empower parents and families.
  • Promote, lead and support parent, family and community engagement in children's learning and schooling.
  • We advocate for respectful and reciprocal relationships between teachers, students and families.